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Investment Funds Advisory

Expert Guidance

PnP Consulting advises on end-to-end regulatory and structuring advise to Fund Managers & Investment Managers.

We have been providing turnkey assistance throughout the life cycle of funds in relation to setting up of vehicles, regulatory approvals, documentation, compliance filings, due diligence and winding up process.

Our - Reg-Fin - "Regulatory-Finance" approach sets us apart from the rest.   Our extensive experience in dealing with funds can provide the Fund Managers with in-depth knowledge and expertise in this sphere.

We can act as Lead Advisor for cross-border and domestic funds. We can  act as Indian regulatory consultant to onshore, offshore managers and Limited Partners (LP’s) investing in onshore or offshore funds.

PnP Consulting’s group associates can offer the entire spectrum of services from deal sourcing to regulatory filings. We ensure complete transparency in the process to avoid conflicts of interests.

PnP’s services include:

  • Compliant structuring of domestic funds  and  also their foreign leg as per FEMA & SEBI Acts.

  • Marketing & Solicitation through our associate entity to ensure marketing in offshore jurisdictions.

  • Registration of funds as AIF, FVCI, FPI with SEBI and coordinating with the regulator to procure registration.

  • Approvals from Regulators from specific transaction that require approval from SEBI & RBI.

  • Regulatory filings for SEBI & RBI through our associate entity.

  • Representation of Funds Managers before investors for negotiation of fund terms.

Investment Funds Advisory: Service
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