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Non-Resident Indian (NRI)/ Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) Assets Advisory

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India has one of the largest migrant population around the world. When Indian Diaspora (NRIs/OCIs) transacts with India, they have to adhere to FEMA regulations. There are certain transactions that are exclusively permitted for NRIs and OCIs. Similarly, there are certain transactions not permitted for NRI/OCIs irrespective of their citizenship or association with India.

Most common questions that are raised by NRIs include:

  • How to gift shares of a foreign company to resident in India? What procedure should be followed?

  • How to open a bank account in compliance with FEMA regulations in India?

  • What procedure should be followed for trading in capital markets in India?

  • How to exercise my ESOPs granted by an Indian company and repatriate the proceeds?

  • How to lend to my relative in India? What are the procedural aspects to be followed under FEMA?

  • Am I a NRI or a person resident in India? What is tax liability and FEMA compliance to be followed?

  • I have sold my property India; how should I repatriate those funds?

  • I want to gift immovable property to my relative in India; what are the procedural aspects to be followed under FEMA?

  • How to open an account for my spouse who is not an NRI in India?

These are a glimpse of the vast number of issues that an NRI/OCI needs to take care of while transacting with Indian parties. Though Income Tax is definitely an important aspect to be considered, undermining FEMA aspects can create complexities in the transactions later.

For those clients, who are trying to immigrate to foreign countries or returning back to India can discuss with our NRI division team members to understand the procedural aspects of remittance of money to/from India to be in compliance with FEMA regulations.

PnP Consulting’s vast experience and in-depth knowledge about the FEMA regulations can provide NRIs and OCIs with handholding support to achieve the objective of their transactions. Please get in touch with one of our NRI Division team members to discuss your transaction.

Non-Resident Indian (NRI)/ Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) Assets Advisory: Service
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