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Outbound Investment Advisory

Your Internationalization journey

Internationalization is one of the crucial step in growing your business.  Understanding the markets, supply, and demand chains are pivotal in taking this giant leap. So is the compliance portion of it.

Interestingly, when an Indian company / Individual tries to set up a subsidiary or branch outside India, they come within the regulatory purview of FEMA.  These regulations control the way resident Individuals or companies can set up corporate bodies outside India.  Being novice about these regulations can become a hurdle in the expansion growth story.

PnP Consulting helps the client to structure its outbound investment according to FEMA Regulations.  PnP Consulting global offices can handhold the client in setting up a company outside India and give a research-based custom solution to client.

A Glimpse of services offered:​

  • Handholding support for setting up office outside India.

  • Regularization of existing JV / WOS set up outside India.

  • Valuation advisory through associates in case of acquiring shares of existing JV/WOS.

  • Advising on all reporting compliances like APR  Returns, Form ODI returns for clients

  • Designing a compliant structure for outbound investments.  

Outbound Investment Advisory: Services
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