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Trade Advisory

Unleash the power of compliant trade

The general view is that FEMA regulations control only capital account transactions and current account transactions like trade are not regulated by FEMA. However, trade transactions are regulated by FEMA. 

FEMA  regulates the export and import  of goods and services from beginning to end. Conducting transactions without knowing these regulations can prove time consuming and cost in-effective. 

In the rise of Anti Money Laundering (AML) / Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements in global trade world, Indian regulators have increased their regulatory supervision on trade transactions.  Hence, the trade transactions should be done in a compliant manner to increase the value of such transactions to the company.

PnP Consulting offers handholding support with respect to export and import transactions including following services:

  • Structuring long term advances for export.

  • Advising on Project Exports and handholding the client through the regulatory process.

  • Advisory support on compliances of various exports and imports checkpoints.

  • Advisory support on high-sea sales. 

  • Advisory support on Merchanting Trade Transactions (MTT).

Trade Advisory: Service
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